Tito's Priorities


Public Safety

Keeping our public safety commitments to our citizens is my number one priority. Police and fire departments around the state have major challenges in hiring and retaining qualified personnel. I won’t micro-manage our public safety officers because they are professionals and know what they need. At the same time, they don’t get a blank check.


Quality of Life

The quality of life is high in North Richland Hills. The results of every citizen’s survey we’ve done verify that. Significant components in achieving this result are the amenities offered by the city. Our residents are telling us that the 800 acres of park land, the 30 miles of hike and bike trails, NRH2O water park, our award-wining library, and the year-round recreation programs are important to them.


Code Enforcement

Since 2000 North Texas has seen unprecedented growth in population. NRH has increased by about 15,000 people. And they’re still coming from all over the country. For cities and the services that are provided, that means more – more of everything – including code violations.


Streets and Roads

This is an-going challenge for our city. More people mean more cars and trucks and the faster our streets and roads wear out. A 2020 citizens committee put together a $49.8M Bond program, identifying major streets like Iron Horse Blvd. that are currently being rebuilt. For years, the City Council has funded a $2M street maintenance program that each year objectively and fairly identifies the streets and their required maintenance. I support those efforts and will continue them as Mayor.



I serve on the Board of Directors of Trinity Metro. The trains are coming from downtown Fort Worth to the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport because the rail line runs right through NRH whether they stop at our two train stations or not. I will continue to support TEXRail as Mayor because it is unfair to tell our people who work at the airport – airplane mechanics, flight attendees, pilots – that the only way to get to work is to drive. With high gasoline prices, traffic congestion, and weather delays affecting the region’s highways, our hard-working residents need transportation options.



I support offering NRH residents choices in housing. Whether it’s large-lot estates, multi-family, or traditional single-family, I’ve learned a one-size fits all approach doesn’t work anymore. The Metroplex building community has learned that as well and is building housing that buyers want.

Why I’m Running

My entire adult life has been dedicated to public service. I had a career as an Investigator in the Texas Attorney General’s office of Child Support Enforcement tracking down dead-beat parents who failed to pay their financial obligations for their children.


As a member of the North Richland Hills City Council, I work to build the safest and most secure future for our residents. I’m running for Mayor to build on the responsible, fiscally conservative foundation we’ve established for governing our city.

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